West Texas U.S. border patrol Twitter account to close after sharing far-right rant and homophobic remark

An officially-verified Twitter account operated by U.S. Customs and Border Protection—a federal agency of the United States government—was shuttered today after it retweeted a Trump crony's rant about President Biden and a homophobic remark about Transportation Secretary Pete "Buttplug". The CBPWestTexas account is "IN THE PROCESS OF ARCHIVING AND DEACTIVATION," it now states.

CBP Commissioner Chris Magnus posted a tweet late Saturday saying the agency "has become aware of unauthorized and inappropriate content" that was posted on the @CBPWestTexas Twitter account. The agency's Office of Professional Responsibility will investigate, Magnus said.

CBP is packed with far-right extremists—it's essentially an army of them that recruits exclusively on the political issue of immigration. This Twitter imbroglio is a peek behind the veneer, and a warning about just how ready it is for action after 20 years of soaring budgets.