She-Hulk's Tatiana Maslany uses music to find her characters

Casting the perfect actor for She-Hulk was always going to be a tall order. Unlike her cousin Bruce, Jennifer Walters' version of the Hulk is responsible for spinning several plates in the personality department. Aside from serving as a believable action lead, the actor responsible for bringing She-Hulk to life also has to possess comedic charm and a palpable mean streak. It's almost as if the actor behind the role would have to play several people simultaneously. 

When Marvel announced that Tatiana Maslany from the cult science fiction hit Orphan Black would serve as the MCU's She-Hulk, lifelong fans of the character knew Jennifer was in good hands. In Orphan Black, Maslany was tasked with playing several cloned variants of the show's lead character, with each being wildly unique. In the video linked above, Maslany sits down with the Off Camera Show's YouTube channel to explain how music allows her to make distinct choices fo every character she embodies.