Watch a tow truck take away a massive alligator from a suburban yard

In Cinco Ranch, Texas—a suburb of Houston—a huge alligator wandered out of the bayou and into a residential neighborhood. The 10.5-foot gator wasn't bothering anyone but apparently had no immediate plans to head home. Fortunately, Timothy DeRamus, a trapper with Bayou City Gator Savers, came to save the day, and the gator. It took a tow truck to lift the beautiful beast. From KHOU-11:

DeRamus says the gator could be anywhere between 35 and 95 years old, but that they would need a blood sample to be sure. The gator will now be taken to Gator Country near Beaumont.

Deputies want to remind everyone that if you see a gator out and about to give them space and respect, but also not to feed them since that makes them less afraid of humans.

illustrative image: RICIfoto/Shutterstock