HBO Max just dropped a trailer for season 2 of Batman: The Audio Adventures

I'm not sure why, but Batman just works in every medium. One look at the character's costume, and you'd think that any human rocking a live-action variant of Bruce Wayne's batsuit would look embarrassing on the big screen. However, Batman's long cape and iconic silhouette actually translate beautifully to film- especially when the character leans on his noir roots. Plus, Batman's visuals and world translate just as well to the realm of animation as they do in cinema. For millions of fans around the globe, Batman: The Animated series– which recently celebrated its 30th anniversary- is the definitive version of the caped crusader. 

In addition to his exploits in other mediums, Batman can now add audio dramas to the list of worlds he's conquered. Batman: The Audio Adventures on HBO Max received tons of positive attention during its first season, and in the video linked above, you can check out the trailer for season two of the acclaimed series.