The Saturday morning body horror that was Turbo Teen

It's hard to believe that Saturday morning cartoons no longer exist. The weekend tradition of waking up at dawn to ingest sugary cereal and mind-rotting cartoons felt as intrinsic to the childhood experience as losing all of your baby teeth. However, in the era of YouTube and streaming services, kids today probably can't even fathom the idea of waiting for a specific day of the week to overdose on cartoons. Every day is Saturday morning with Netflix. 

If you were truly a connoisseur of Saturday morning cartoons, you quickly learned that the awful shows could be as entertaining as the quality ones. There's a beautiful kind of magic that only resides in wack cartoons. Unfortunately, in addition to beautiful magic, copious amounts of dark magic are also laced throughout a few weaker cartoons. Submitted for your approval: the strange case of Ruby-Spears inventing a body horror-centric cartoon superhero called Turbo Teen, featuring a human character who becomes a car.