A large number of conservative groups are actively working to ban books

There has been a recent surge in attempts to ban books across America. Conservative political groups seeking to block books with storylines about minorities and LBGTQA+ folks are mounting more organized and more frequent attacks on our freedoms. Libraries are an incredible public resource that should not be forced to suffer this terrible political theater.


Throughout the 2021-22 school year, more than 1,600 book titles were banned, according to a new report by the group PEN America, which advocates for freedom of expression.

According to the report, the surge in book bans is a result of a network of local political and advocacy groups targeting books with LGBTQ+ characters and storylines, and books involving characters of color.

"While we think of book bans as the work of individual concerned citizens, our report demonstrates that today's wave of bans represents a coordinated campaign to banish books being waged by sophisticated, ideological and well-resourced advocacy organizations," said Suzanne Nossel, chief executive officer of PEN America.