Listen to the weird first recordings of meteoroids crashing into Mars

Listen above to the first recorded sounds of meteoroids hitting the surface of the Red Planet. NASA's InSight lander captured the seismographic and acoustic data over the last two years. The blue areas in the image, taken by NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, highlight the results of a meteoroid impact on September 5, 2021. From NASA:

Not only do these represent the first impacts detected by the spacecraft's seismometer since InSight touched down on the Red Planet in 2018, it also marks the first time seismic and acoustic waves from an impact have been detected on Mars.

The sound of a meteoroid striking Mars[…] is like a "bloop" due to a peculiar atmospheric effect. In this audio clip, the sound can be heard three times: when the meteoroid enters the Martian atmosphere, explodes into pieces, and impacts the surface.