Former professional skateboarder builds house, only to wall-ride it

Jordan Sanchez filmed Fetish in 2017, his last video as a professional skateboarder and team rider for Welcome Skateboards. As reported in 2021 Jenkem interview, "Today, Jordan is a family man with a wife, two kids (with another on the way), and a Youtube Channel. His life is now pretty much divorced from skateboarding, but he still has the mindset and convictions of someone who busted their ass for years to make it happen."

Sanchez's new day job is as a city building inspector, and for years has been renovating and renting homes. Recently, Sanchez uploaded a video – that was reposted by Thrasher Magazine, explaining in detail his new idea: to skate the structure he was building. Here is a link to just the wall-ride.

Though his life is divorced from skating, he still friends with his ex. Check out this insightful commentary to a provocative question from the Jenkem interview:

J: "Why do you think skaters have that tendency to hate on someone for doing something different?"

JS: "I think people feel betrayed when someone they like through skating does something that is different. When pro skaters are taking opportunities that are good for them they're seen as sellouts. I can understand that, but the older I've gotten I've realized that we're all people and if you don't have bad intentions and you're just doing what's good for you and your family, people should understand that. Hopefully, people can look beyond skateboarding sometimes."