Century-old commercial cheese slicer restored

Here Cool Again restores a large, handsome cheese slicer from 1905, the kind you'd find in a commercial environment—and now destined for a nice cheese bar or deli.

The slicer is made from aluminum, steel, brass and cast iron (a pleasure to restore ). The base part has attached a clamp that hold the slicer to the table. After I bought this gem I didn't really find much information about the year of production. I asked some subscribers from the country of origin of the slicer, USA , and they found me information that it was produced somewhere around the year 1905. I hope I am not wrong and mislead people, but how I saw this slicer was made, I tend to think that this is the year of production.

It's a tragedy that this only has a million views compared to the 50m that similar fake restorations get.