If you had Dave Bautista working with M. Night Shyamalan on your movie bingo card, come on down

The Rock might be the biggest, and John Cena might be the funniest, but Batista is the best when it comes to actors that hail from the WWE. Just take a look at Dave Bautista's career. Unlike The Rock and Cena, who star in generic- yet wonderfully entertaining-action comedy flicks, Bautista is routinely cast in epic films like Blade Runner 2049Dune, and Spectre. Beyond being a mountain of muscles like his peers, Bautista possesses solid acting chops- at least compared to his fellow WWE alum. However, will those chops help him keep the next M. Night Shyamalan movie afloat?

Shyamalan has been slowly restoring his Hollywood cred with films like SplitGlass, and the critically acclaimed Old. Even though it looks like his career is on the upswing again, it's still M. Night Shyamalan we're talking about here. The trailer linked above for his new film Knock at the Cabin, starring Dave Bautista, could prove to have one of Shyamalan's famous twist endings, in that it could be one of his good movies.