Tinder opened a convenience store

Tinder opened a convenience store in Tokyo's bustling Shibuya . With a design inspired by the Family Mart chain, the Tinder SwipeMart offered free swag, snacks, and a photo area to take profile shots. Promo video below. The pop-up SwipeMart was only open for a few days but apparently was quite a scene. From SoraNews24:

Tinder members were also provided with some original food and drinks, like chips, alcoholic sours, ramen, and a "Tinder Chiki" — inspired by Family Mart's Famichiki — which came in a two-pack for sharing with your perfect match.

Dubbed "Tinder's Youth Convenience Store", there was no age requirement to enter before 10 p.m., but people in school uniform were denied entry at all times.

Really though, Tinder should open a chain of love hotels.