The Taliban bans the video game PUBG for being "too violent"

When someone is oblivious, it can manifest as either a cute character defect or an annoying one. We're all capable of missing the forest for the trees now and then, but if the end result is harmless, we generally classify it as an endearing trait. As a result, I find myself incredibly conflicted writing this piece. I would never want to ascribe human qualities to the heartless monsters in the Taliban, but after hearing that they're aiming to ban Tik Tok and the popular shooter Playerunknown's Battlegrounds to prevent youthful minds from being corrupted, I can't help but find that quixotic line of thought adorably naive. 

In one of the most ironic decisions in recent memory, the Taliban, who have brutally reasserted control over Afghanistan after America left the region in 2021, have deemed certain video games too violent for the children under their rule. And if you have a problem with them trying to keep the minds of impressionable children clean, you're presumably going up against the wall. It's just dumb decisions all the way down, huh?

Player Unknown: Battlegrounds is arguably the battle royale that juggernauts like Fortniteand Apex Legends were born from, but there are parts of the world where you're not even allowed to play it. Afghanistan will soon join that list. The Taliban – which took power of the country last year – has confirmed its plans to implement a nationwide ban on both PUBG and TikTok. Confirmation that PUBG and TikTok will soon be banned in Afghanistan comes courtesy of a report from The Khaama Press (via Dexerto). "TikTok must be banned within a month time from now and PUBG should be banned within [the] next 90 days," the report reads. It was published on Sunday which means TikTok will be unusable in Afghanistan by the middle of October, and PUBG will join it in December.