US official backs Marines' request to classify photos of forces urinating on Taliban corpses

"In an apparent expansion of the government’s secrecy powers, the top official in charge of the classification system has decided that it was legitimate for the Marines to classify photographs that showed American forces posing with corpses of Taliban fighters in Afghanistan," reports the NYT's Charlie Savage. Read the rest

EA sort of removes 'Taliban' from game, after complaints

At Gamasutra, Ian Bogost takes us through a recent flap over Electronic Arts' forthcoming Medal of Honor game, set in modern Afghanistan. Though similar titles tend to avoid geopolitical specifics, here gamers were promised the option of siding with Taliban militants against U.S. soldiers. Critics said this was offensive and EA ultimately announced it would "remove" the Taliban. Was free speech--and an intriguing topical insight akin to Embedded with the Taliban--left by the wayside? Read the rest

Talibannosaurus Rex

Jihad just got Jurassic. [My Art Shame] Read the rest