GOP candidate claims he's blocked from Google, but his site tells Google not to index it

Mark Finchem, a Republican running to be Arizona's Secretary of State, is angry that big tech is censoring him: "Google & the crooks in California refuse to rank my website in their deep state algorithm," he tweets. But, Mike Masnick points out, Finchem's website contains tags "telling Google not to index it or show it in search."

…it looks like they used the AIOSEO plugins to setup their SEO tags. In this case, they chose to block search engines, as seen in the meta tag:

<meta name="robots" content="noindex, nofollow, max-image-preview:large">

This leads to one of two possible conclusions. Option one is that Finchem is so desperate to be seen as being oppressed that he literally (if hamfistedly) had his campaign block Google from indexing his site so he could claim to be deplatformed from Google. Or, option two is that the guy who might soon be in charge of Arizona state elections is so incompetent and so stupid that he accidentally blocked Google from searching his website.

I figure Finchem would be saying stuff like that no matter what was on the website or how it placed on search results, and won't stop saying it now.