Yip Yips for holding plants

The Muppet Martians of Sesame Street are back—as hand-crocheted plant/tissues/light-item holders. Back in September, Crocheter Jessica Turner posted a photo of her Yip Yips in the Home of Peculiar Artists group on Facebook and got a huge response. Demand has since been strong for her colorful Yip Yips, and she estimates deliveries are 8 to 10 weeks out.

If they look familiar, it's because her popular design is a remix based on the viral Yip Yips Stockings from 2018. Those were created by another artist, Carissa Browning, who only offered them as a pattern, never a product.

If you want one of Turner's, she announces their availability on her feeds [Facebook][Instagram], offering them as "preorders" in her Etsy shop. They've been selling out in five minutes, according to commenters. Small ones are $23 and large ones are $27.