Sesame Street, 1973: if you're feeling nasty, Johnny Trash has a song for you!

Some days you wake up feeling nasty and trashy, and if that's you today, I've got the perfect song for you! It's 1973 and Johnny Cash is paying a visit to Sesame Street. Here he is serenading Oscar the Grouch with a fine rendition of "Nasty Dan" a song written by Jeff Moss (who also wrote the famous "Rubber Duckie." Here are some of the lyrics:

Oh Nasty Dan was the meanest man I ever knew
He's stomp and scream and be real mean the whole day through
He'd frown a bunch he ate nails for lunch and he'd never laugh
He'd growl and yell and I heard tell that he never took a bath

Oscar is fully onboard, of course, and thinks Nasty Dan sounds swell!

The song ends and Oscar says to Cash, "Wow, that was really great! And say, aren't you Johnny Trash?" Cash responds: "Cash, Cash," then bids farewell to Oscar by saying, "Have a rotten day!" Oscar responds, "Wow, that was my kind of guy."

The Johnny Cash website describes the performance:

Johnny Cash's imposing appearance belied his ease with children, and he was a great fit as a guest star on Sesame Street. In 1973, Cash made his first appearance on the show, singing "Nasty Dan" to an awestruck Oscar The Grouch. (Two years later, the tune appeared on The Johnny Cash Children's Album.)

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