Nvidia's $1599 RTX 4090 GPU reviewed

Finally, smooth 4K performance in Cyberpunk 2077 with maxed-out settings, reports The Verge's Tom Warren. But it comes at a price: the $1599 MSRP of Nvidia's latest flagship video card, the RTX 4090. And be sure to measure your PC case and check the specs on your power supply, lest they be insufficient to house and feed the beast.

Even without Nvidia's DLSS 3 support, the RTX 4090 is in a performance league of its own right now. If you have to have the best of the best for 4K gaming, then the RTX 4090 won't disappoint. For everyone else, the RTX 4080 cards are both launching in November and offer a more reasonable entry point into this generation of cards. But will performance be as impressive on the controversial $899 12GB RTX 4080?

Thing is, the crypto crash crashed prices on GPUs. Used RTX 2080s are dropping in the sub-$300 range, and deals on 3000-series models must be coming soon. Even the more modest forthcoming 4000-series cards appear to immodestly-priced—to say the least!