South Park writer buys domain names for MAGA and Q-loving politicians and fills them with content about the candidates' shortcomings

I love this kind of culture jamming and political activism. Toby Morton, former writer for South Park, has been buying up domain names for MAGA and Q-loving politicians and filling them with content related to all of the candidates' shortcomings, often written in first person as if the candidates are admitting their sins.

They look slick and official, and they are making people—including the politicians—big mad! Toby tweeted in September that Kari Lake had blocked him (she's blocked me too, so I guess we are part of an awesome club!) after he wouldn't sell her the domain KariLake2022: "Kari Lake offered me $150 for her campaign domain. I declined and built her new website. She then blocked me. Here it is."

If you go to the page, you're greeted with:

Fascist & Neo-Nazi Supporter: With absolutely no experience in politics except reporting on the subject from my news desk, I want to make life-changing decisions for Arizona. I am notorious for blocking those on Twitter who simply disagree with me. Imagine me being your governor and you having an issue that needs attention and this issue is something I disagree with. Think back to my twitter blocks. Do you actually believe you'll have a chance to get my help? Enjoy my campaign website to see how inept and out of touch I am when it comes to human emotion or whatever you call it.

No lies detected there! He's also purchased and, where you can find all kinds of truths about Greg Abbott and Ron Johnson, as well.

The Dallas Observer explains:

If you go to the website, you'll find what reads like an unsettling admission of guilt in the "about" section. 

"I am partly responsible for the deaths of students killed in school shootings," the page reads. "My current goal is to make sure you forget about the clusterfuck called Uvalde." (In May, the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde killed 19 students and two teachers.) 

Despite what the site's address might suggest, it isn't affiliated with Texas Gov. Greg Abbott or his campaign. It's the creation of comedy writer Toby Morton, who's done work for the likes of South Park and Mad TV. In recent years, Morton has been snatching up domain names associated with several Republican politicians and campaigns to create parody websites slamming them all.