Animals being bros

Here's a gray whale swimming up to a boat, begging to be pet. Here's a sweet kitten lounging on its shaggy dog friend. Here's a bunch of puppies protecting a mama cat and her new kittens. Here's a deer licking a cat while snuggling a kitten, as a curious dog wanders by. And here's another cute deer and cat friendship. And finally, here's a hilarious dog singing karaoke with his owner.

What do all of these wonderful animals have in common? They are all being bros! I found them on the subreddit "Animals Being Bros" – which is "a place for sharing videos, gifs, and images of animals being bros." In the context of this subreddit, being a 'bro' means being a good friend, being a pal, stepping up for a neighbor, and generally just being an all-around likeable creature. Go check it out, and enjoy!