These Lord of the Rings wedding bands will help you in the darkness bind them

Not to be outdone by their own DC Comics-themed wedding bands, the folks at Manly Bands have now followed it up with a special collection of The Lord of the Rings-themed wedding rings.

It's not just the $1600 14K One Ring to rule them all in sickness and in health, either. Manly's collection includes rings inspired by half of the Fellowship as well (although if you ask me, that sounds a bit more friend-zoning than romantic). There's the $400 titanium Gandalf; the rustic-looking Frodo made of Black Zirconium with "Genuine Moss" from Fangorn Forest and similar but slightly-dudelier Aragorn, which both retail for around $700; the $600 cobalt chrome Legolas with its Green ashwood band and green-and-black bow thread wrapped around it; and the rune-etched Gimli, which is also $600 and made of Black Zirconium.

If you're feeling like a particularly controlling spouse, there's a Ringwraith-stye wedding band as well, a ghoulish greyish binding ring made of Black Zirconium with a Damascus Steel Sleeve and a lifetime worth of trite, depressing jokes about your soul-sucking marriage. If you're feeling slightly more romantic but still want to show off the toxicity of your relationship, there's a Gollum ring as well, with Blue Forged Carbon Fiber inlays. Finally, there's an $800 Sauron ring that looks less like a flaming vagina and more like glowing lava, which is admittedly sort of cool, if that's the kind of thing you're into.

The Lord of the Rings — Officially Licensed Wedding Band Collection (Manly Bands)