"Slaves" crash a civil war enactment

Watch what happens when Civil War reenactors are confronted with volunteer participants from the Black community. At first, there is a bit of confusion, then some bad-faith subterfuge on the part of the organized volunteers. It was initially posted by @ethann22_.

Volunteer #1: "We are just here to enjoy the show."

Reenactor: Why are you doing that?

Volunteer #2: We are just trying to make sure it's accurate.

Then a little later: "Do you know what time the auction block starts?"

Response: They don't have an auction block today."

Check out the rest of the video for more cringe, including some mundane discussion about the historical accuracy of the costumes.

At one point, they bend down to pick up the cotton they had previously dropped and begin singing "Wade in the Water."

When the two men then get on their knees to beg for mercy, the "plantation man" says, "now they are getting into a real character."

Finally, the police arrive.

"Officer, do you know when the train goes by? We are trying to catch the underground railroad."

This was not a script. Though Django Unchained is referenced, you cannot script more accurately than this. However, Eric Andre did something similar at a Colonial Williamsburg reenactment that aired on the Conan O'Brien Show in 2016.