Henry Cavill is officially back as Superman

Warner Brothers have struggled to get a Superman franchise off the ground for decades. Despite being the character that catalyzed the current superhero boom in comics and cinema, Superman has become an afterthought in modernity. Conversely, Batman's popularity has never been stronger. Consequently, when Warner Brothers decided to reboot Superman with Zack Synder's Man of Steel in 2013, the studio aimed to ditch the character's seemingly "atavistic" elements in favor of a more Batmanesque edge. Synder's Superman, ably played by Henry Cavill, was a brooding, murdering Jesus allegory that didn't quite resonate with lifelong fans of the character. 

However, despite the botched characterization of Superman, a large swath of fans were impressed by Cavill's potential for growth in the role. Unfortunately, Zack Synder didn't do Cavill's portrayal any favors by continuing to use his version of Superman to express his middle-aged teenage angst.

Once Synder was mercifully removed from his position as the steward of DC's film identity, fans were distraught by the notion of Cavill potentially being recast. Well, after a cameo appearance in Black Adam over the weekend, it seems like Cavill is still going to be Superman going forward. Check out Cavill ensuring fans that a more hopeful version of his Superman is on the horizon in the video linked above.