Right to repair law, America's first, approved by New York legislature

After sailing through New York's legislature, America's first right-to-repair bill may soon head to governor Kathy Hochul for approval. The law obliges technology manufacturers to make tools and parts available to independent repair shops. Spectrum Local News:

Supporters of the bill, including [assemblywoman] Fahy, said the bill will allow for economic growth in this sector and could help the "tinkerers of today" become the "inventors of the future." The Federal Trade Commission has called the bill a milestone and has said it does not harm intellectual property rights. The bill has not been sent to the governor for her signature or veto but Fahy said her and her office have been in contact with the governor's staff on the issue.

Not quite clear from the story why it's not already on her desk.

The FCC is also working on regulation in likewise fashion mandating the publication of technical manuals. U.S. tech giants such as Apple and Microsoft have already made significant moves toward accommodating expected right-to-repair mandates such as New York's; the key opposition now seems to be politicians who see user-accessible technology as a threat to "cybersecurity", i.e. to mass surveillance, personal tracking, onymity and other things authoritarians like.