16-year-old boy is a hit at Tokyo "pseudo-girl" maid cafe

Mayutamu is a teenage boy in Tokyo who has a popular Instagram channel where he sports makeup and feminine clothes. He also works at a "pseudo-girl" maid cafe in Tokyo's Akihabara district.

From Oddity Central:

Standing at 168 cm tall (5.51 feet) and weighing only 48 kilograms (105.8 lbs.), Mayutamu definitely has the right frame for his job, but it's his feminine facial features that really captured people's attention. Marketed as Japan's first and best cross-dressing maid cafe, NEWTYPE is open to anyone curious to visit. It has an entrance fee of 1,500 yen ($10) for one hour, which includes one free drink, and you can prolong your stay in the company of the maids by paying another 300 yen per extra hour.