Tuca and Bertie canceled again

We're in a strange era when it comes to canceled shows. In the early 2000s and 2010s, when a network pulled the plug on a television show, the decision was usually final. After Family Guy took a dip in the Lazarus pit known as Adult Swim and was subsequently revived by Fox, all bets were off with canceled television properties. Flashforward to today and cancelation merely serves as an opportunity for another network to score a show on the cheap. From Arrested Development to Veronica Mars, if your show has a moderately sized fanbase, it can usually get a second stab at existence. 

For a minute, it seemed like Netflix's Tuca & Bertie was on a similar track. When the streaming giant pulled the plug on the series a few years back, Adult Swim caught the interception, and fans of the show thought Tuca & Bertie would finally garner the audience it deserved. According to The Hollywood ReporterTuca & Bertie just got the ax for the second time at Adult Swim. 

Tuca & Bertie is facing a second cancellation.

Series creator Lisa Hanawalt announced on Twitter Wednesday that Adult Swim has canceled the animated series after two seasons there. The cable channel revived Tuca & Bertie in 2020 following Netflix's cancellation of the show after a single season.

"Working with Adult Swim was very creatively fulfilling, our execs were all smart and thoughtful, and I'm grateful that we got the space to make all these wild and heartfelt episodes about things that matter to me very much," Hanawalt wrote.