How sound design works in horror movies

In this video, we learn from foley artist Leslie Bloom about the role that sound plays in horror films. In other genres, sound effects are often used to convey the noises made by characters that we see. In horror, "it's about the sounds of the unseen character". Sounds such as a creepy windchime or creaking door are essential to horror films as they create suspense about the unknown. Learn about how these sounds are created and used during key moments of a scene to stir up fear in the viewer. 


How do you convey the presence or someone or something in a scene without the audience actually seeing it? That's the special challenge of horror-movie sound design. In this episode of "Movies Insider," we visited Alchemy Post Sound, the Foley studio behind "The Invisible Man" and a slew of other horror projects, to find out how horror movies use sound to play with viewers' minds. 

We had one of Alchemy's founders, Foley artist Leslie Bloome, break down a few scenes from "The Invisible Man" as case studies, recreating how his team made sounds as subtle and detailed as a faucet squeak or a faint wind chime. He also showed us how Foley artists create a range of classic horror-movie suspense sounds, from unsettling creaks to mysterious gusts of wind, and explained how all these carefully crafted sounds come together to ratchet up the tension in horror scenes, making climactic moments feel larger than life. "

(Image from wikipedia)