Inside a sleep pod in a Japanese railway station

We're all familiar with Japanese coffin… er capsule hotels. The sleep pod or sleep capsule is riff on the concept. The pod is a big-boned phone booth-sized upright cabin that replaces the bed with a chair. You can rent them in Japanese railway stations and airports.

For US$23 for 2 hours (in the above instance), you get a reclining chair, a table, power outlets, hand sanitizer, fan, a coffee machine, and all of the pod coffee you can drink — in a safely locked, soundproof cabin.

These sleeping pods are not only in Japan. They can increasingly be found in airports and stations around the world. For anyone who's ever had a long layover and tried to sleep in those airport lounge seats (and worried that someone is going to steal your stuff if you pass out), this seems like a welcome alternative.