Science reveals that extremely deep bass makes people dance more

Deep bass makes you dance. But aurally-undetectable soul-rearranging bass makes you move, according to science.

These results demonstrate that a complex, social behaviour — dance — can be increased in intensity by VLFs (very low frequencies) without participants' awareness. This result exceeds the previously known associations between bass and dance, demonstrating a large and highly reliable effect in a context of maximal ecological validity. …

The undetectable nature of the VLFs shows that the causal relationship between bass and dancing does not reflect an explicit association — that is, it is highly unlikely that audience members identified when VLFs were activated and responded by consciously deciding to dance more (despite having a general association of bass, movement, and pleasure). The implicit nature of the response suggests involvement of subcortical pathways from sound to behaviour, possibly including modulation of the reward system, whose activity is associated with groove, and movement vigor, and/or timing dynamics in the motor system via basal ganglia

The last sentence there should be read in a stuffy British accent, sampled, and then used in an oldschool acid track at once. Reference material: Bomb the Bass's Beat 'Dis, from about the 1 minute mark, with the Geoffrey Sumner quote.

Undetectable very-low frequency sound increases dancing at a live concert []