Twitter "pauses" its $8 bluecheck sale after a day of brand-impersonating chaos and rampant Nazis

After a day filled with fake but verified brands pouring funny, obscene, profane nonsense onto Twitter—and verified Nazis, too!—the $8 bluecheck sale is already being "paused." Sofia Pitt:

The quick suspension of the service suggests that, at least currently, CEO Elon Musk's big plan to generate new revenue from users isn't working as expected. The paid subscription service led to a plethora of pranksters creating imposter accounts on Twitter. It left the platform even more ripe for misinformation, and many checkmarks were used to impersonate brands with unflattering messages. That, too, presents a big problem for advertisers, some of which have already paused spending on the platform.

The best part? Everyone who paid $8 has lost their new bluechecks! Oh dear.

UPDATE: Others report that paid-for bluechecks are still showing (or have been restored).