The trailer for Darby and the Dead gives modern Buffy vibes

It's easy to forget how massive Buffy, the Vampire Slayer was in its prime. Through its masterful ability to blend genres and intricate long-form story arcs, Buff, the Vampire Slayer ushered in a new era of television that had strong women at the helm. Although contemporaries like Xena also played a pivotal role in advancing powerful female characters, Buffy allowed a generation of girls to see themselves in fiction for the first time. 

There have been several rumblings of a Buffy reboot for the last few years. One of the rumors hinted at the prospect of casting a Black woman as Buffy, a decision that Sarah Michelle Gellar enthusiastically co-signed. If the concept of a Black Buffy doesn't materialize, fret not because the trailer for 20th Century Fox's Darby and the Dead already feels like the perfect spiritual successor to Sunnydale's favorite Slayer. 

Sorry, Faith, we love you and all but torturing Wesley cost you a few points.