World War II veteran found out he had a bullet in his neck for 77 years

Zhao He, 95, of Shandong Province, China suffered a fall and was taken to the hospital after experiencing pain in his neck. An X-ray revealed a bullet lodged in the fellow's neck. It had likely been lodged there for 77 years, since Zhao fought in the Chinese army in World War II. From Oddity Central:

Zhao himself estimates that the bullet had been in his neck since 1944, when he was hit by a bullet while crossing a river. The bullet allegedly went in through the left side of the nose, perforating his upper jaw and knocking out for of his teeth before becoming lodged in his neck. This is just his hunch, though.

After examining the X-rays, doctors told Zhao He and his family that the bullet was close to some major blood vessels and that since it hadn't caused him any problems, it was best to leave it in. The war veteran agreed.