Watch this drummer effortlessly play with one hand

Drums are the soul of a song. Everyone loves to focus on the guitarist or the vocalist, but without a solid drummer, a track falls apart. Obviously, there's always a degree of difficulty when it comes to playing any instrument, both technically and physically. However, few instruments are as demanding as the drums. The physical exertion reaches staggering levels when the drummer's genre of choice is rock or heavy metal. Playing a solid set of death metal or progressive rock tunes will essentially require one's whole body. Plus, when you factor in the mental acuity necessary, it's basically an exercise for your entire being. 

As previously illustrated, playing drums with two hands is already challenging, but intentionally playing with one hand should be impossible. Social media sensation El Estepario Siberiano has amassed a sizeable following of drum fanatics that derive great pleasure from challenging the musician to play some of the most complicated pieces with one hand. The catch is that he nails it every time.