Pandemic Memes Collection helps you laugh when you want to cry

If, like me, you subscribe to the 'laugh so you won't cry' approach to the pandemic, I've got a Substack for you. It's called "Pandemic Memes Collection" and features user-made memes and infographics on a variety of pandemic-related matters: masks, "hybrid immunity," long COVID, and more. Be forewarned, though: this collection of memes is very pro-mask, pro-science, pro-reality, and pro-public health. Along with the memes, users often share links to participate in online campaigns for better masking, better ventilation, and more.

My current favorite meme featured on the site is called "This is Fine: Too Many Variants," which the site describes as the "This is Fine meme but with an evolutionary flow chart." Pandemic Memes Collection also adds this alt text:

Meme: "This is fine dog" removed from his house, but remains at his table enjoying coffee. Flames surround the table. He is superimposed over an evolutionary flow chart starting with SARS-CoV-2 variant BA.2 before fracturing off in to an overwhelming number of branches, sub branches, and iterative branches demonstrating a complexity I don't know how to convey in alt text. There are too many evolutionary branches.

The original image that you see in the background, which maps out current COVID-19 variants, was created by Daniele Focosi, who describes himself on his Twitter as: "MD, specialist in Hematology, PhD in Virology, MSc in clinical trials in oncohematology, transfusion physician." He recently tweeted the image used in the meme along with the text describing it: "Convergent evolution chart UPDATE 11/14. New entries: BQ.1.25, DE.2, DF.1, BF.34, XBB.1.5, CM.8.1, BA.5.2.41, and especially BE.9 from Amazonas."

Pandemic Memes Collection is run by Chloe Humbert, who describes herself succinctly: "Chloe Humbert. I want better for us." I want that, too, Chloe. Thank you for your work!