Fox's favorite frozen food heir grossly dismissive of every case of discrimination in US history

Staunchly defending the most minor put-upon group of people to theoretically be discriminated against, a favored FOX news host claimed that the unvaccinated have been mistreated far worse than any of the very, very long list of people who have been discriminated against in the history of the United States. Whipping up love for entitled bad behavior as patriotism, this set of lies is particularly odious in its diminishing of actual suffering.

Crooks and Liars:

Breaking into another segment Tucker Carlson highlighted the White House response to hate that permeates online.

"You just heard the White House spokesperson decry hate on the internet. Hate campaign," Carlson said. "The single biggest hate campaign of our lifetime was waged by the Biden administration against the, quote, unvaccinated."

"People who were unvaccinated were unclean, you shouldn't have Thanksgiving with them. They're bad people, they're not really Americans, they could kill you. Well now facts have overtaken that story," he said.