A woman who sold fake COVID-19 immunization cards gets three years in Federal prison

A naturopathic doctor who sold fake vaccine cards has been sentenced to three years in prison. In addition to forging documents, Juli A. Mazi also sold magic pellets that she claimed offered children lifetime immunity from COVID.

In a questionable move, Mazi attempted to defend herself with claims that her Native American descent precludes any prosecution by the United States after firing her lawyers. Ms. Mazi must turn herself in by January 6th, 2023.


Mazi, who fired her attorneys and ended up representing herself, last week filed a letter with the court claiming sovereign immunity. Mazi said that as a Native American she is "immune to legal action."

She provided fake CDC vaccination cards for COVID-19 to at least 200 people with instructions on how to complete the cards to make them look like they had received a Moderna vaccine, federal prosecutors said.

She also sold homeopathic pellets she fraudulently claimed would provide "lifelong immunity to COVID-19." She told customers that the pellets contained small amounts of the virus and would create an antibody response, they said.