The Devon Maid is walking again!

Thanks to a kind soul on the BB discussion boards, I now know who created the 'how food walks' videos. She's called "The Devon Maid" on TikTok and her page is a wondrous collection of truly inspired comedy. Here's her interpretation of how 'crisps' would walk. Not only is it funny, it's also informative—I learned about flavors of chips (crisps) that I never knew existed, including cheesed off red onion, firecracking lobster, smoky bacon, and flaming hot twisted. Wild!

Here's her take on how milkshakes would walk. And office supplies. And various items of clothing. And chocolate bars (again, I learned about brands I've never heard of–Lion, Curly Wurly, and Crunchi). Her TikTok also includes glimpses of what it's like to be "63 and single." Here she is at 63 doing a flip over a bar—impressive! 

I scrolled all the way through hundreds of TikToks to find her first ones, which she published under her real name, Jane McKennan, and was able to find an article about her in Wales Online. They explain:

Having posted her first TikTok video in March 2021, the childminder of 30 years is quite incredulous about how her online fame has skyrocketed. Such is her newfound notoriety, she has even been scouted to appear on Britain's Got Talent, an invitation she is keen to take up.

"Imagine watching Simon Cowell's face if he saw me walking like a Mars bar or something," she laughed. Jane, who is happily single, worked as a childminder until July this year when two families she worked for relocated.

She credits her youthful humour as the potential reason behind her unexpected success. "It's just crazy at my age," she said.

"I think a lot of people my age might do grandmother cooking videos and a lot of people comment saying I'm really young in my ways, so they can relate to that.

"I think everyone is quite surprised about how I think. Maybe I've got a childish sense of humour."

Read the rest of the article here, and watch more of her videos on her TikTok!