Check out this hilarious meme about obsessive Football fans

As an American, the concept of the World Cup will always elude your intellectual grasp. The idea of a global tournament itself isn't inherently confusing, but the level of investment and enthusiasm that virtually every nation has for the month-long event is a little alien to most Americans. One of the major reasons that it's difficult for Americans to become as excited as other nations about the World Cup stems from how little we care about soccer as a sport. Despite "Soccer mom" existing as the colloquial nickname for throngs of suburban women—who presumably possess soccer-playing children—America isn't invested in soccer emotionally or financially.

Whereas most Americans couldn't even tell you the rules of the game- barring the basics- international fans possess a knowledge of the game that borders on obsessive. Well, considering how much your standard American knows about American football stars, I guess it's all relative. In the video linked above, comedian Munya Chawawa creates a hilarious sketch about the depth of knowledge some football fans possess.