Why it's completely OK to be into tabletop gaming and not play very often, if at all

I love this video and the sentiment expressed in it. I wish more people would say this out loud. The dirty secret, admitted here, is that many hobbyists who are heavily into tabletop gaming don't actually get to play all that often (for a number of reasons that the video's host, Ignatius, mentions). But that doesn't mean that these enthusiasts don't collect and voraciously read rulebooks, buy and paint miniatures, build terrain, watch online battle reports, and read the game fiction.

People are drawn to gaming for different reasons. Some hobbyists are more interested in swimming around in the game's universe, and in bringing that world physically to life, than in the gameplay itself. I have a feeling that the hobbyists that this applies to are more numerous than the community imagines. And many, or all, of these people feel a certain amount of shame for not playing more. Ignatius' message is "stop that." You have every right to enjoy whatever aspects of the hobby you wish.