Here's a clip from that Dungeons & Dragons movie

Watching nerd culture ascend to the apex of pop culture has been strange. Those of us who have been lifelong fans of comic books and video games have always seen the potential of our favorite stories and pastimes. No matter how much society attempted to make nerds feel embarrassed for enjoying "kid's stuff," most geeks never lost their resolve, choosing to engage with "uncool" interests regardless of the social blowback. Now that the worm has turned, the mainstream is finally beginning to understand that genres like superheroes and high fantasy don't have to have an expiration date; they're as evergreen as any other narrative form. 

Out of all the primary nerdy interests, few have been as stigmatized as Dungeons & Dragons. To the uninitiated, D&D just seems like a gaggle of geeks playing pretend. However, with a new big-budget film based on the tabletop RPG on the horizon, D&D might finally get recognized for its inherent awesomeness on a global scale. You can check out a clip from the new D&D movie in the video linked above.