Mysterious huge object protruding from the sand on Florida beach

In Volusia County, Florida, visitors to a beach stumbled upon a massive object poking out from the sand at low tide. Approximately 80-feet long, it appears to be made from a combination of wood and metal. During high tide, the structure is completely covered. From the New York Times:

"The state underwater archaeological team has been notified to investigate further," said Kevin Captain, a spokesman for the Volusia County government.

Theories about the object have circulated on social media and on local news websites. The guesses include that it is a barrier, a shipwreck, a portion of an old pier, or spectator seating from when NASCAR had races on the beach.

"It is a mystery," said Tamra Malphurs, a spokeswoman for Volusia County Beach Safety. "Many people think it is an old ship of some sort."[…]

A space ship, perhaps!?