TikTok video calls masturbation a 'demonic attack'

Thanks to a stitch by TikTok user DreamsNPoetry, we can watch a ridiculous video–entitled "Masturbation is a form of witchcraft," from a user called @thatjesusgeneration, but with much needed overlay text that reads "Hilarious—providing dangerous misinformation and guilt to young people."

The original video shows user @thatjesusgeneration rocking back and forth while ranting againt the evils of masturbation—she calls it a 'demonic attack,' and 'a form of witchcraft,' and says if you masturbate you're setting off a 'generational curse.' Oh boy.


@thatjesusgeneration #christiantiktok #sexual health is responsibility and human #sex is normal #health and #healthy information is what is needed – this woman is insane ❤️ is she a #christian ? #fyp #foryourpage #bible #church #HuluChippendalesDance

♬ original sound – DreamsNPoetry