Who knew a Linkin Park cover could be this beautiful?

Certain bands are just timeless. Some musical acts feel as contemporary as modern artists, irrespective of whatever era you inhabit while listening to them. Conversely, other artists are so exemplary of the zeitgeist from which they emerged that you practically feel like you're time-traveling when you turn on a track. Case in point; the music of Linkin Park.

Your personal affinity, or lack thereof, for the band notwithstanding, it's almost impossible to listen to Linkin Park without being assailed by 2000s nostalgia. At the time, Linkin Park's specific fusion of rock and rap was refreshing and groundbreaking. Nowadays, Linkin Park's What I've Done, featured in Michael Bay's Transformers movies, has become a meme that mocks the 2000s taste in music

However, in the right hands, even a band that's time-locked to a specific period can seem timeless. In the video linked above, the musician Moyun covers Linkin Park's Numb on the guzheng.