Stay cozy with a heated vest — now 67% off for only 24 hours!

It can feel unbearable to go outside when it's cold unless you have the proper gear to withstand chilly temperatures. Your average coat might not cut it unless you're willing to shell out hundreds for a down feather piece. Alternatively, a heated jacket can use electricity to keep you toasty, and all you need is a power bank!

During our December Deal of the Day event, we're offering price drops on products lasting 24 or 48 hours. For example, consider this Be Warm Heated Vest with a Hoodie, which usually retails for $149. However, this heated jacket is available for just $49.99 today only. 

Here's what makes this vest a must for your closet. Not only is it a fashionable winter look, but the waterproof, battery-operated coat keeps you warm as it gives off heat. Don't worry if you change your mind about how cozy you want to be: It has three different temperature settings and seven heat zones, so you can adjust the level of warmth to whatever you desire. (Don't worry: heated vests are safe to wear!)

Plus, it comes with pockets — perfect for storing extra items or keeping your hands at the right temperature. The heated vest is also an excellent gift for anyone who loves the outdoors. They'll love the added protection against the cold as they camp, hike, or go for walks.

To make the vest work, you connect the power bank (which is not included in this purchase; you can buy one here) to a USB plug inside the inner picket of the vest. Power it on and select a suitable temperature mode for you. Then, you're ready to go outside! You can feel confident you'll be comfortable even in chilly conditions.

Say goodbye to the cold for good and get the Be Warm Heated Vest with a Hoodie for just $49.99 now. But make sure to hurry: This price is only available today.

Prices subject to change.