This perfume smells like eau de Room 237

Have you ever wonder what the haunted room in The Shining smelled like? Have you ever longed to breathe the succulent scent of a sexy old ghost woman rotting naked in a bathtub? Now's your chance! From Lucky Scent:

It's not everyday that we get a fragrance based on one of the most terrifying films ever made, but that's precisely what Room 237 is- an homage to Kubrick's classic adaptation of Stephen King's The Shining, where the pastel-green bathroom of the titular room shelters an unspeakable evil. It's not exactly the kind of concept one attempts lightly, but Bruno Fazzolari has delivered something truly unique, a soft, enveloping, soapy-green scent that powerfully evokes a feeling of dreamlike confusion that's both wearable and, dare we say, at least a little bit disturbing. Like its source material itself, Room 237 doesn't smash you over the head with its more transgressive elements, but rather it draws you further into the room with Kubrickian deliberation- clean musk and resin flow together with synthetic plastic and vinyl notes that assert themselves in waves, keeping you sniffing at your wrist even though you know something about it feels wrong. And just as Jack Torrance couldn't see the truth of Room 237's lone resident until he was at the edge of her bathtub and it was far too late, so too will you fall prey to this fascinatingly constructed fragrance. Horror fans, fragrance adventurers- you absolutely have to try this for yourself.

Room 237 Fragrance Notes

Angelica, Flea Bane, Estragon, Costus, Oppoponax, Olibanum

What better olfactory way to say "Heeeeere's Johnny?"

Sample sizes are available for $4, but a full-size 30mL bottle will run you $125.

Room 237 by Bruno Fazzolari [Lucky Scent]