Kathy Griffin describes Donald Trump's "smell" to a disgusted Mary Trump (video)

Mary Trump is known for her relentless and well-deserved criticism of her uncle, Donald Trump, but comedian Kathy Griffin pointed out a small detail about the ex-president that was amusingly too much even for his nemesis. In fact, Mary couldn't help but grimace, deep in disgust, when Griffin described his "distinct smell." (See video below at :45, posted by Nicole Hickman James.)

"Donald has a distinct smell that doesn't get enough press. It's like body odor with kind of like a scented makeup products. But you can smell the hair products even outdoors," Griffin said, to which Mary clenched her entire face, looking like her head might just explode.

"Don't make that face," Griffin scolded, noticing Mary's reaction. "I'm just being honest."

Mary then composed herself enough to suggest Trump-B.O.-scented candles, joking that they would "fly off the shelves at Christmas." Although we all know the joke would be lost on Trump-hungry MAGA disciples.

Front page thumbnail image: Boing Boing / Stable Diffusion