Here are the most popular toys of the year, going back to 1920

Weebles. Monopoly. Cabbage Patch Kids. Lincoln Logs. Playstation 2. Shopkins. Informed by data and archives at the Strong National Museum of Play, Stacker created their list of the "Top holiday toys from the year you were born."

The editors searched for products "that caught hold of the public zeitgeist through novelty, innovation, kitsch, quirk, or simply great timing, and then rocketed to success." If you happen to be 102, don't worry—the list goes back to 1920 when Raggedy Ann dolls were all the rage.

Here are the toys they consider to have been most desirable at the start of each decade:

1920: Raggedy Ann doll

1930: Mickey Mouse doll

1940: Red Ryder BB Gun

1950: Magic 8 Ball

1960: Etch A Sketch

1970: Nerf ball

1980: Rubik's Cube

1990: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures

2000: Playstation 2

2010: iPad

2020: Animatronic "The Child"