Antique map of the Mandelbrot set

Benoit Mandelbrot once said, ""Fractal geometry is not just a chapter of mathematics, but one that helps Everyman to see the same world differently." To help navigate the chaos (and the patterns within), artist and math geek Bill Tavis created this lovely antique-style map of the Mandelbrot Set, the most iconic example of a fractal, and offers a quality poster of the art starting at $24.


Fractals are a new class of geometry that are known for their roughness, their self-similarity over many different scales, and their resemblance of naturally occurring forms — all of which can easily be observed in the Mandelbrot set. Perhaps the most stunning feature of the set is that all of it's infinite complexity emerges spontaneously and reliably from one very simple equation, through the process of iteration[…]

The Mandelmap poster helps to make sense of it by mapping out many of the most common features. The text introduces and explains many of the core concepts, providing an overview of the subject in a style that is accessible to non-experts. If you are using one of the many programs available for exploring the Mandelbrot set, this map will help you find your way around visually as you zoom in to this amazing fractal.

(via Kottke)