Roe v. Bros: "The game show where we find out how much men know about women's bodies."

Suppose these videos at Roe v Bros weren't scary for the implication of these self-identified men's profound, imaginative, and highly specific and particular ignorance. In that case, the humor might be acceptable; it might even be humorous. Unfortunately, these men know as much about women's bodies as Supreme Court Justice Brett Cavanaugh knows about moderating his alcohol intake. The danger is real.

Some of the questions these folks have no clue about include:

What is an IUD?

Can sex while pregnant hurt the baby?

What does PMS stand for?

What is more sensitive: the clitoris or the penis?

How big is a human egg?

Can you show us how to use a tampon?

Can pregnant women go swimming?

Can women pee with a tampon in?

Each video ends with a reminder that these people are all registered to vote.