Booth and the Bad Angel is a Badalamenti classic worth revisiting

Angelo Badalamenti passed away at 85 last week. As a film composer, Badalamenti collaborated with many artists. I remember hearing about the project "Booth and the Bad Angel" in 1996, a collaboration between Badalamenti and Tim Booth from the British alternative band James. To honor his brilliant legacy and creativity, check out "The Dance of Bad Angels" here.

A reissue review by Classic Pop, highlights,

"Angelo Badalamenti's lush, dreamy film and TV soundtracks seduced many a leftfield musician and James' Tim Booth was no exception. In thrall to the American composer's succulent symphonies, he was in touch with him for four years before their schedules allowed them to make this one-off 1996 album. The long wait was worth it. Booth And The Bad Angel was a delicious, delirious album on which Badalamenti's rich sonic tapestries and Booth's tilted, querulous poeticism dovetailed beautifully. It was that rare collaboration – two star names meeting and neither having to dim their wattage. Such collaborations can easily sink into a welter of self-indulgence but here was a record with style, soul and pop smarts."