Re-hired police officer who enjoyed giving a feces sandwich to a homeless person got fired again

What kind of person would make a shit sandwich and give it to a desperately hungry human being? A San Antonio police officer name Matthew Luckhurst, that's who. And what kind of police department would rehire a cop who feeds shit sandwiches to homeless people and who spread a "brown tapioca-like substance" on a public toilet seat? The Floresville, Texas police department, that's who.

You really have to wonder how many sociopaths find employment in law enforcement as a way to prey on the less fortunate.

The good news is that the citizens of Floresville didn't relish the idea of a shitty cop doing shitty things in their town. After a massive public outcry, Luckhurst was fired.

From Insider:

The city's mayor said there had been an outpouring of emails from locals who were unhappy Luckhurst had been re-employed as a police officer.

Mayor Cissy Gonzalez-Dippel said in a statement: "Matthew Luckhurst was released from employment with the Floresville Police Department yesterday Dec. 13th."

"Our city manager, Andy Joslin is implementing stricter hiring policies for all city of Floresville employees. He is also working with Chief Herrera on the Reserve program."

Luckhurst was first terminated by the San Antonio police in 2016 after an internal investigation determined that he placed feces between slices of bread and gave it to a homeless man while on duty, according to KSAT.

The Floresville Police Department issued a "mistakes were made" style statement shortly before they fired Luckhearst: "Unfortunately, the Floresville Police Department was not Fully (sic) aware of the entire incident involving the alleged incident, as the same individual had previously been issued a general discharge by the previous law enforcement agency that he was employed with."

Someone should tell the Floresville Police Department about Google.

Just think, these shit incidents are the ones where Luckhearst was caught. How many times did he do something harmful and disgusting to another person and not get caught? And how soon will Luckhearst find a new job as a cop? My bet is he'll wind up in Florida.